Monday, March 2, 2009


For my first day of my new job..we got 7 inches of snow. This is the FIRST snow fall since Dec. 5th, 2005. HOw do I remember this day? It was 2 days after we got Dana. so this is Dana's 2nd snow and Cali's first snow!
Cali..LOVES it!
I have a ton of photos..and will probably take more. But for now..enjoy the show, you don't need commentary! Many of them were taken while it was still snowing this morning, so they aren't great. But you get the idea.

Dante, on the other hand, is miserable. But can you blame him? His man parts are about 2 inches off the ground with his belly being about 3 inches off the he was a snow plow. This was as far as he got before aborting and pooing on the deck.


Scott said...

Poor Dante!

Glad they are having fun!

alex said...

Greyt pictures!
Better than the ones I got of Hero (we need to get more snow, so I can practice).
I laughed out loud when you mentioned Dante's "man-parts" being in the snow (poor dear).

greytblackdog said...

Dante just needs a man parts muff to go out and romp with the gang.

Those pics are AWESOME.

Life With Dogs said...

Sorry Dante, I guess size does matter ;)

gyeong said...

Zoom, zoom, zoom! Dante probably wanted to be on a sled hooked up to one of the girls so he could feel the wind in his ears :)