Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ana and Blue visit

Ana and Blue came to visit for a week. There is a chance this will be the last time they visit as Amanda and Kenney are both in the job market now and will have to move to where the offers are. So we enjoyed them this week and gave them lots of snuggles.
Blue loves the yard and spent most of the time (that it wasn't pouring rain/snow/ice) having a blast outside.Cali gives the octopus a stern warning about fraternizing with other greyhoundsDana reminds everyone just how speckled-y she really is..sometimes we just have to stop a moment and be amazed
Blue stops for a moment me the bat ear pose
It was my birthday weekend. Jason and I went to dinner on Thursday night and then we went out with some friends for dinner on Friday night. And then we went to the Virginia Wine Expo on Saturday. I didn't take any photos, but I guarantee Gyeong will post an embarrassing photo of me in due time..
For now..I will leave you with a photo of what Cali did for my shame

I hope to have snow photos for the first time in 3 is supposed to snow tonight. Fingers crossed. The Subie needs to stretch her AWD legs too!


Bethanie and Chris said...

We have our snow pics up - although our camera is crap compared to yours!

Lushorama said...

Every time I check my Bloglines, I hope that there's an update from you - I just LOVE your action shots, seeing such beautiful dogs running and playing makes my heart sing....! Thank you

greytblackdog said...

Happy Birthday weekend - and snow too. Very lucky.

Maybe Blue and Ana will move south and end up in Georgia where they can teach my girls how to play. We love black pups here. I love Ana's ears!

I wonder if you connected the dots on Dana if you could draw something cool - like a bunny rabbit, squirrel, or turkey.

Amanda said...

thanks for watching our babies while we were in PA! we hope you had a very happy birthday!! :o)

gyeong said...

Glad we could celebrate your birthday with a Wine Expo. That's a real nice pic of Blue.

IHateToast said...

happy birthday belatedly.

i like how cali only gives you have of her cockroach. of course, it's the lower half. the top half twists to show a bit of loyalty to jason.

ana's shadow tells me what it would be like if a dachshund and grey had puppies.