Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cali

Miss Cali turned 6 on March 17th. Yes, she is a St. Patrick's Day baby. She is also 100% Irish on both sides..AND I have been told that her mohawk is an Irish trait. I guess we should give her an Irish accent...but I just don't think that fits as well as Veruca Salt's voice.
Anyway..she is got loving on her birthday and went to the hospital to visit the Polytrauma Unit the next day. But Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Our life definitely would be different without you!Sawyer was returned this week too. We fostered him last summer (those of you at Kristen's party last summer will remember him as the 'instigator' to the Pomeranian 'situation') but his new owner got a new girlfriend with a small fluffy dog. So..the new girlfriend won. But he will find his forever home soon. He is a good boy and we are fostering him until he finds a home or until we put our house on the market in April.We visited Kristen and Gyeong this weekend and attended the Greyhounds Rock event. It has serious potential and I hope it only gets bigger! But we had a great dinner and spent most of the evening planning our trip to New York City in 1 week!
Stanley is bored by the whole situation
Obviously..some people can't hang...
The queens snuggle after breakfast..I guess this means there is mutual respect.
Dante, Shiloh, Stanley, Cali, Dexter, Jaime and Stella wait outside while two more hounds arrive for the weekend which brought our tally up to 12..9 hounds and 3 'little ones'. And..when there are 12 dogs..someone always gets hurt. Not on purpose..and really we have no idea how she did it. But Dana sliced the back of her leg open. It is a pretty good cut but luckily Kristen stays as stocked up in medical supplies as I do, so we were able to fix her up. It will take a while to heal ..but she will be ok. Rimadyl is her friend right now. Poor Roo Roo pantz.Stay tuned .. the Parks and the Stumpfs are hitting the Big Apple on April 1st. I feel sure there will be plenty of photographs! And yes...we are hitting some pretty great restaurants!


alex said...

Happy Birthday Miss Cali!
And feel better soon Miss Dana.

Bethanie and Chris said...

Get better Dana.
Love, Kix

IHateToast said...


gyeong said...

Happy Bday Queen Cali! Don't worry Sawyer, you're a sweet boy. You'll be swept up in no time.

Scott said...

Happy belated birthday Cali!

And I hope Dana is feeling better!