Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dinner: Impossible

For those of you who are Food Network fans, you know the show Dinner: Impossible. Robert Irvine is the coolest and we love that show. Well, a few weeks ago, Gil asked Jason if he would cook a meal for a party he was throwing to celebrate Tim graduating from nursing school. he was holding it at his church, so the kitchen would be professional quality. Jason couldn't resist. So last night, we did our own version of Dinner: Impossible.
Feed 30 people, 7 dishes in a new kitchen. Go!
Jason found a chef's jacket to make it more realistic.We enlisted help. Mark and Ferrel joined the 'veggie cutting' party. And yes, I helped more than my usual watch from the sidelines with a glass of wine (although we all had a glass of wine nearby). The large pan of cut Brussels sprouts in the foregrounds were my handiwork
Prep over..let the cooking begin!Cool as a cucumber
Like a shot out of the show! Salads prepped and ready to go with the veggies ready to be prepared.
Everyone loved the food. He did a really good job and everything was yummy! And of course, Nerice made a bad ass cake!
Today..the weather is I took everyone outside for one of the last photo shoots in the rectangle. We are watching Pete for the weekend and I have shafted him on photos in the past. So I decided to work on some today.
Pete being handsome
Dana cracks me up when her nose turns sidewaysA bit more glamorous shot of Dana..she glows in the sunshine!Random shot of Cali playing with a toy..Pete thinks he might miss the rectangle yard. And without fail..I am trying to get some good photos and I am suddenly surrounded by greyhounds. Pete follows and we have a snuggle fest in the sunshine. They are saying Happy Mother's Day, I think.
Whether you are a mother to furry or skin kids..Happy Mother's Day!
and I leave you with a foreshadowing shot..The yard to come!
GPA is having a yard sale next Saturday! For those of you in the area, please let me know if you have anything to donate for the cause! And our picnic is next weekend, too! Oh and a wine festival too. I will need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


Bethanie and Chris said...

Details on the yard sale?

IHateToast said...

sweet yard!
coly how. it's big. almost as big as those pans jason used.

Life With Dogs said...

Wow that cake...takes the cake! :)