Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fowl weather

The weather has been yucky lately. It is either pouring down rain (constantly) or oddly hot and humid. GPA's picnic had to be canceled this spring. We postponed it once, but then it got rained out completely. we will have something in the fall, but it did suck we weren't able to have it this spring.
But yesterday we had our first ever yard sale. It went really well and we actually made quite a bit of money for a mornings work. I was up at 4:30AM..which is too early. Dana and Cali hung in there with me all morning!
The crew takes a break between customers. Cali gets her snuggles even when Jason isn't there!
and remember Sawyer? He is now Possum and here he is with his new brother, Howard. They are like Mutt and Jeff!
We also had a haul on Saturday. I got one foster for the night and she was adopted today. Her name was Judy Lee Walker. Pretty cute. She has stockings like Pippi!Dana looks thrilled to be sharing her bed, don't you think?
We are also watching Ana and Blue..Amanda and Kenney are on vacation but when they return they will be moving to Pennsylvania. ;-(
The queens share a couch..
What greyhounds do when it is raining and cold outside..Ok..they do that when it is pretty outside too!
But now your are asking..why did Trina misspell she loosing it? (or you are going "she misspelled it?" as you look back at the title)
No, I didn't..I was alluding to our new friend at work. Met Gwendolyn the Guinea Hen.

She is one ugly bird. And she someone has managed to take up residence outside my lab. Of all the places, she now lives at the VA hospital research loading docks. We feed her. The hawk is a bit of a nuisance, but she is hanging in there. She is big, VERY loud and we can't seem to catch her to take her to a nice farm. She is one UGLY bird...
I hope to see some people at Mountain Hounds!


gyeong said...

I see that Gwendolyn had expensive taste. Hanging out next to a Mercedes.

alex said...

I know, the weather has been pretty awful this spring! We have had to cancel our fair share of outings too. Glad to hear that it cooperated for your yard sale.
"Possum" - I love that name- even if he is FAR cuter then a real 'possum (and even has more fur on his tail- lol).

IHateToast said...

possum is a great name. and now that i'm in a land with cute possums, it's a term of endearment. really. possums here (ring tail, brush tail) are cute.

and i think gwendolyn the guinea hen looks just fine!