Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Fall Foster

At this point, the leaves have changed and mostly fallen. Our trees gave us some great color this year.Fall didn't mean an end to the menacing squirrels..But we were able to take in a foster for a few days. Even though, we probably won't take long term fosters for a while, those short timers are easier. Security Fence (not lying) came to us for a few days. Such a good girl! She is smaller than Cali and loves to give kisses.
Henry immediately took to her..and became quite the dirty old man.But she is super cute..I hope she does well in her new home.who says greyhounds don't sit..
While outside, she decided the little bit of water in this thing would be tasty. Check our her tongue all the way to the bottom.
I did manage to get down to the river one weekend. Nerice and I did our photo shoot for some friends of ours. It had rained so much, there weren't any rocks to hang out on..but it made for a decent backdrop.Ernest T enjoys the view.Madison didn't cooperate this well during the actual photo session!
And some random shots of my fur kids..
Dante enjoys the warm rays..for just a few seconds.
DanaCali goes for a romp..and seems to enjoy herself quite a bit.

and an update on the ankle injury..I did consult a MD friend who said it was either severely sprained or fractured..but the treatment was the same either way. so 2 weeks post falling off the killer curb...still wear a brace and hobble a bit...and it is still a zombie foot.
Happy Thanksgiving! We are heading to the 'farm' and will see how Henry takes to the mini horses!


gyeong said...

SF looks like a super sweet girl. And to think I didn't originally like the brindles. Short-term foster sounds great. Tristan has officially become our longest foster, coming up on 4 months now.

IHateToast said...

I have forgotten how red fall leaves can be. We are in evergreentopia here, so no colour changes. Of course, not now anyway, it's late spring.

I am amazed at how some dogs know when a camera is out and they look away. Spiteful little th--SQUIRREL!

Harvey and Jackson said...

Uh oh... Matt saw SF's picture and said (I kid you not)... "Can we have her?"

Apparently 4 isn't enough!!