Sunday, November 1, 2009

October fears

October is known for involving scary times, bloody backdrops and creepy situations. We have had quite a bit of that lately!
First..the obvious..Halloween!!
In years past, Jason has used his artistic abilities to carve some mean pumpkins. This year was no different!
the process..the final results!And was a GREAT replica of my calf tattoo
So on Halloween, Scott and Iva came over to enjoy the festivities and scare the kids!
Jason ..being the bruteWe had a smoke machine and the kids had to come to jason to get candy. Which was made more difficult by Scott who hung out in the driveway..he greeted the kiddies in style..

Iva and I..well we did what we do best.
i stayed behind the camera..but looked very similar to year's past.

The bad scares of the month came with Henry. He went in for a dental and to have 2 growths removed. They told me what I thought were 'old dog bumps' and moles..were potentially Mast Cell Cancer. So they removed 6 tumors that day, the biopsy results will be back in 3 days. One of the offenders was removed from his gum above his canine. He also has Erlichia which we were aware of but the downfall of this is low platelets. so the 24 hours post surgery, I spent putting fingers in the dam so to speak. the first night, he bled profusely from his gum incision for 4 hours. I should have photographed the aftermath. You would not have believed the towels and dog bed. however..he and I pulled through with no problem. he is now feeling MUCH better and is healing. he doesn't look so good..Erlichia leads to serious bruising. You can see 3 incisions on this photo. One more is on the inside of his back leg, another at his butt and the 6th in his mouth. The bad thing is that if it comes back positive, they will need to remove many more. the only cure to stage 1 skin cancer is complete removal. We won't talk about Stages 2 and 3 until we get a diagnosis. I should know by Wednesday.Have no fear, he is on pain meds and getting lots of loving. He is back to his old self again, wagging his tail and begging for ear rubs.
I will update when I know more!


Dory and the Mama said...

We are keeping our paws crossed!!!

Dory and the Mama

Angela said...

Glad that Henry is feeling better! Sending best wishes for happy news on Wednesday!

Lushorama said...

I think this is why Henry came to live with you - so that he could get the health help/care that he needed, and the love to get him through

Lin said...

You guys are good! And Iva looks like Natalie Portman with pink hair and a glass of wine! :)

houndstooth said...

Great costumes! That looks like fun!

I hope Henry gets good news!

Scott said...

We're thinking about Henry everyday, hope he continues to heal up quickly.

Halloween was fun, I hope there are more people next year!

IHateToast said...

what can't jason do? i bet he even pole dances well.

glad that henry is wagging. i hate it when they can't even wag. thinking of you and hoping it's all good news on thursday (your wednesday).

Mad Red Hare said...

Keeping paws crossed for good news. Glad he is recovering well.

thebellagreyhound said...

thinking of you and Henry