Sunday, December 19, 2010

When nature attacks

We all remember Petey from the previous post..cute little Petey with the sweet little face...He isn't so cute any longer. ;-) Ok, maybe he is but temporarily his name was mud in my book. And then it snowed and he became cute again.
"I pooped in the snow!"
Then he decided to play with Henry..who loves the snow.
Henry taunts himAnd Petey starts the long run across the yard..takes him quite a bit longer than the greyhounds.Finally..
I will admit I stopped photographing at this point to be 'on guard' while Henry played with the 10 pound dog. But as usual, he was a gentle giant and played quite well with him.
Petey went home and it snowed again. We got about 2 1/2 inches which is less than last year's pre-Christmas snow but it was enough to play around in but not enough to have anyone snowed in. Cali loves the snow and was out by herself before it had even stopped snowing.Then it stopped and everyone joined in.Shiloh again feasted on the snow...I am not sure why she likes to eat snow so much, but she does. She really gets in to it as well..and the fact that she has the fur of a grizzly bear, the snow just laid on top and she stayed warm.
On a more somber note, sometimes nature can attack in a cruel and horrible way. A lot of my friends have lost their beloved greyhounds recently to cancer..a few were my fosters..Run The Table aka Dash a few weeks ago at 7, and Avery a few months ago at 4 1/2 and many were owned by friends, most recently fellow blogger's Macy at 6. Hopefully, nature will settle down and stop taking our fur kids too early. So this holiday season, hug your hounds and keep our friends in your thoughts.


houndstooth said...

They look so great out there playing in the snow!

I was so sad to read the news about Macy today. After our own recent cancer diagnosis with Blueberry, it really hit home even more. Suddenly, our situation doesn't seem so bad.

Hiking Hounds said...

The picture of Henry and Petey playing is great. Snow is so fun.

greytblackdog said...

That little Petey has pretty good form, for a runt. They are very proud of themselves when they poop in the snow, aren't they. I guess I would be too!

gyeong said...

Nothing like a little snow to make everyone frisky. Good thing no one ate Petey.

IHateToast said...

you needed new shoes anyway. petey knew that.

Angela said...

Thank you for mentioning our beautiful girl. It has been over two weeks now and I still find myself looking for her at times. I just can't believe she isn't here - there are so many things that I miss. I hate how cancer takes so many of our beloved greyhounds. Give your hounds an extra hug and cherish every day with them.