Sunday, July 19, 2015

Memory ink

It started as a one time thing...let's get a tattoo somewhere hidden to show our love for greyhounds.
In 2007, Kristen and I went for tattoos (my first..her second).
The blog post, Official cult members, is the most searched of all my blog posts..but not b/c of me.  Apparently, if you search cult members or joining a blog pops up.  So I've learned to name them a little better! haha
It didn't take long for the itch to come back.  Now that I was inked..I wanted one that I could show.  so almost exactly one year later, the Addiction continued.  This one was a commissioned piece of a greyhound head on my calf. 
That satisfied the itch for quite some time.  But after losing a few precious dogs, I wanted something in memory of all of them..not just the greyhounds.  And I know me..I will have way too many to get an individual piece for each (and to be honest..I love the final product but it hurts!!)
So..the unveiling of my memory piece. For Shiloh, Dante, Dana, Henry and Shane. 
 Cali's recent bloodwork showed a major improvement.  Our problem now is that the chemotherapy that appears to be working very well (along with the monoclonal antibody treatment? It is hard to tell what is working) makes her VERY sick for 7-8 days.  So we have to weigh quality of life and determine if another chemotherapy could work as well without making her so sick.  But this weekend, she is on an upswing. Eating well, feeling well, happy and healthy.  We will take it.


Sue said...

I intended when I hit 50 I would get a tattoo, but as was by then Diabetic no chance.

Loving yours.

The girls and I are sending massive amounts of positive healing thoughts to Cali and hugs to you all. Sue, Polly & Honey

genji said...

Beautiful tattoo. I have the itch, but haven't scratched it yet. Go Cali Go!

Patty E. said...

Nice tattoo. Cheering you on from here, Cali.

Mad Red Hare said...

I love that tattoo. I wish I could get brave enough to get one. We're still here rooting for you Cali.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Love your ink! I'm going to get one more, I know where but haven't decided what yet. It will be something doggy :) How is Cali doing?