Sunday, January 14, 2007

Redoing the bathroom

Well, it was an exciting weekend of painting..which is something Jason and I have mastered at this point. As of this weekend, we have officially painted every square inch of this house..all 2000 square feet. We had one room left untouched (we painted the entire house the week we bought was that bad!) which was the downstairs half bathroom. It was peach before (the before picture was taken at inspection one year ago..I didn't like the color enough to put up cutsy pictures!)We revamped it to match our 'wine'
themed house. We think painting everything in wine colors and decorating with wine things..makes us sommeliers! ;-) But after a whole weekend a lot of work we are very happy with our results. We did a sponge off technique..which was a big more time consuming than I was prepared for. But oh well!
Before on the left, After on the right!

But anyway...that was the excitement. On the greyhound front, we still have Hanka-Stanka (term of endearment derived from the fact that he is a bit gaseous!). Although with my new camera, i have been practicing action shots using burst mode and all the cool features I am not used too nor good with. But I did catch Hank in a neat running position.. (oh and figured out that whole hyperlink thing...will start using that to show you their pedigrees) It isn't centered or up to some people's standards (genjip..talking to you!) But I was proud of my first attempt.

But he is still doing well. He is a true attention hog which makes petting 4 dogs with 2 hands a difficult feat..but being that Hank is a big boy..he tends to win.
Thursday I am heading to Fredericksburg to go to a wine tasting event with Kristen, Gyeong and Aubry. It should be fun! I have tomorrow off...must clean up after the bathroom explosion that occurred while painting. ;-)

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IHateToast said...

i think that's a fine photograph. too bad you couldn't do a burst with the sudden burst of bathroom reno-activity.