Sunday, January 21, 2007

SNOW..well sorta..

So this weekend we are watching Ana for our friends while they are out of town. She doesn't have a fence at home, so she really loves to play with my kids. And of course, we still have Hank..
And today it snowed..well for Richmond this is considered a snow. It is now turned to the typical sleet and freezing rain. Which does make it interesting to watch the dogs 'tip toe' across the icy deck. But they got all dressed up this afternoon to run and play. Hank and Ana were playing chase...

Now..before the complaints come in...Dana is not wearing a coat b/c she doesn't like it and she is a princess. She had a coat on (Ana is wearing Dana's new blue coat), but she didn't like it and stood in the middle of the yard whining. Until Daddy swooped in and took it off...THEN she took off running in the snow. Most people who meet Dana-roo freely admit she is the fuzziest greyhound ever so she wasn't cold.

Shiloh loves to play and is usually right in the middle of the fun. She can't keep up but she finds it condusive to cut through the middle occasionally to catch the faster ones.
And since I usually take pictures of the very photogenic greyhounds, I felt it necessary to catch Shiloh in a pose. You will notice one of my children is missing from these pictures..Dante has NOTHING to do with the outdoors is a potty only..and he certainly doesn't PLAY in the snow it is WAY too cold and he will get dirty. But he did go out with his Harley Davidson sweater on..but it hardly got wet before he was on the couch and under a blanket.

A haul of new dogs also stopped by my house today. I am very close to the highway, so my yard makes a good pit stop and car transfer location for dog hauls. So today, the Alfano's came with 3 girls and the Longfellow's took them up to the vet. On board were a brindle spotted female, Jazzy, a blue female (the star of the show), and Fast Lori, one of Debbie's grand-pups. Here Hank, Ana and Jassy chasing the blue (un-named at this point).
The blue has a gorgeous face. The Aflano's are going to try her out and hope she works well with Jo and Tristen. It will be cool to have a blue involved in Richmond events.
And of course, of Aly's pups..she was very cute and sweet just like her momma!

And of course, I am going to upload some of these pics and more to my photo visit that over the next few days for more photos!

And the excitement of the weekend is that I ordered a new mother wanted one so I talked her in to taking mine so I would therefore have an excuse to buy a new one. I need faster, more powerful and smaller. She doesn't. ;-) i should have it after Super Bowl weekend....I will also acquire something else Super Bowl weekend but faithful greyhound friends..will be a surprise. You will appreciate worries!

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IHateToast said...

i get so jealous seeing pictures of many greys in one backyard. we're too close to the city centre to have that kind of mindless greyromp. sigh. we do have playdates, though.

and i must say that i'm most impressed with your laptop maneuver. niiiice! very sly.