Monday, January 8, 2007

A lot to catch up on...

Ok..I suck. I have not blogged in a long time and it wasn't 100% my fault. My idiocy is not necessarily something I can control. I had a temporary brain fart and couldn't remember how to long in to my new blog. So I spent a week annoying the eblog help desk until finally I figured out I am stupid and have killed way too many braincells. BUT I am back and ready to roll. This will be a long blog so be prepared. Let's start from where we last left off, shall we?

Christmas..what a whirlwind! First, Hank did not go to his intended family. He simply didn't fit them even though he is quite a sweetie. So we still have him. More on him later. So we sent Hank to a dog sitter and packed everyone else in the wagon and off we went to see Santa claus. We went to Roanoke for my parents' Christmas celebrations..where my mom found elf ears and thought they would be cute....This is Truflz (groan..) the incredible spoiled Shih-Tzu and Dana..the incredible spoiled but still looks like an actual dog greyhound. ;-)

Then we loaded everything back up (including a new camera-Canon S3 and a food saver among other gifts) and went to Charlotte for Jason's family fun.

They had bought a new puppy...a miniature version of Dante. And it was cute..a weasel but cute.

Her name is Baby (groan) and we hope she works out well with Jason's parents...they have a habit of allowing the cuteness to wear off way too early when it comes to pets.

We finally left for home (with a 19 inch Dell computer monitor and automatic grinder/coffee maker in tow..among other things) and started prepping for a New Year's party. Kristen, gyeong and Aubry came down with their load of greyhounds and we had an additional 10 or so friends stop by. We had a wine tasting party..which basically meant we acted like adults for about 1hour and pretended to know something about wine and then proceeded to kill a few more of those aforementioned brain cells by swilling way too much wine. But we made some neat appetizers and had a lot of fun. Stella always manages to find her way on the matter how many times we tell her it is for human use only. She is funny....but we love her!

But we all got together and made it to New years! With a pop of two corks (notice I caught one in mid-air!!!) it was how time flys. But a new year brings more fun and more fosters!

Now..Hank. He is such a sweetie but a big goofy boy. He is VERY active and loves to play a lot.

He also loves his toys..his favorite game is wait until mommy puts all the toys away and then grab one at a time and carry them in to another room. Repeat this process until the toy box is empty..pass out from exhaustion.

We are still looking for the right home for him. But I think it will come along in no time. He roos with Dana which is quite hysterical. He has a really low bass-like voice and Dana has a high pitched alto-like voice..which makes for an interesting song. ;-) He and Dana play really well. He is absolutely the craziest greyhound we have had...I seriously think he has a screw loose.
(disclaimer: Dana had JUST had a bath that day and we had not put her collar back on..but she was NOT left unattended outside and it was only for a few minutes)
At this point, we are hoping to do a home visit in Hampton sometime soon..and this applicant might work for Hank.
I have put a bunch of new photos in My family folder and a few new ones of hank (click on the yahoo photos link on the right and pick a folder!)
And I promise not to wait this long again to post..this has taken me forever to get caught up! Enjoy the pics!


IHateToast said...

i LOVE straight-on photos of greys. read somewhere about how to photo greys for ... i dunno, looking good for prospectives. they never mention this pose.

i love it.

who wouldn't want a grey like this?!?!

Kristen said...

Truflzzzzz in the hat, oh my. I don't know when I have seen a funnier pic :)