Sunday, July 22, 2007

A moment..

I wanted to write a quick entry while I wait for the Atlantic City photos to get emailed to me (I broke even but we had an absolute blast). I do have 7 dogs at my house right now b/c I am watching 4 additionaly ghs! But I haven't been home to take cute I will post about them later. But this entry..I think is long overdue.
I wanted to a take a few lines to say a big thank you to everyone who works tirelessly day after day to help rescue these beautiful retired racing greyhounds. There are groups of every shape and size located in most every corner of this country and abroad that are all out for the same put these great hounds on a couch..where they belong. And even with the concerted efforts of every group..they all aren't saved. Through this blog and other forums I have connected with people all over the world who share my passion, all working for the greyhounds.
The greyhounds can't express their gratitude but we all see it in their eyes. We are reminded every day why we do it. And I am happy with every opportunity I get to do my itty bitty part..but that part means the world to me and that greyhound. And I think that is what binds every volunteer together..we aren't out to change the world but we are out to change the world for at a time.

So..greyhound volunteers around the world..give yourself a pat on the back. ;-) You deserve it! It is easy to forget why we started and what it is all about.
I think they are worth it! ;-)


Amanda said...

Everyone deserves the chance in their lifetime to make a difference in something that they are passionate about. For so many of us, we never knew what that really was until the greyhounds found us. So, whether it is taking your greyhound with you on your next trip to Lowe's and talking to the people who are amazed at the sight of a greyhound walking through the caulking section, or if it is volunteering your time and efforts in any way possible and through all avenues available, everyone who takes the initiative to do their small part for these sweet souls definitely deserves a BIG thank you! I get my thank you every morning I wake up and see those soft brown eyes staring back at me, or when I am sitting on the couch watching tv flanked by my two sweethearts (ok, three if you count Kenney). =) Whether you are doing your part in your local city or on a larger scale, all the greyhounds of the world thank you.

Kristen said...

I knew the greyhounds would be wonderful, but I had no idea how many great people we would meet, both here and abroad, in person and online. I love meeting everyone who has a common goal, no matter where they are from, and meeting all of the different greyhounds. The best people will do anything for the dogs. I hope to always keep that in sight, and work with everyone in the greyhound community to help of these wonderful hounds.

IHateToast said...

we just had a stand at a show (show ~ fair) outside of brisbane. it was great fun to watch people come by and become hypnotised by the greyhounds. i wonder how many were just hooked the first time like we all were once. that first visit. the first time you saw how calm they were as they cockroached for complete strangers.

it's great fun loving these guys.

thebellagreyhound said...

And I think that is what binds every volunteer together..we aren't out to change the world but we are out to change the world for at a time.

Yup - that says it all. A greyhound changed my life and I hope that I can spend the rest of my life making sure that I do all I can to say 'thank you'.