Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dana Roo-Roo the Moo-Moo cow

My Dana...she is exhausted today. We possibly overdid the "spreading the word" yesterday after doing a Meet and Greet at Petsmart for VAGA and a Mall Walk at a local pet-friendly mall for GPA. Dana is completely and totally worn out..has not moved all day. SO since I forgot my camera to these great greyhound filled events, I will just talk about Dana for the blog.
Dana a.k.a Great Day Ahead was born on January 25, 2001 and raced in Naples, Florida for 47 races getting to grade B before going to the Sanford, Orlando track in early 2004. She raced there until mid-2005 where she somehow made it to GPA-Orlando rescue kennel. She was adopted through VAGA to another lady. She wasn't being treated properly at all at her 'forever home' so VAGA re-rescued her.

When I was in high school, I met a greyhound. And since the majority of my readers are greyhound owners, you know exactly what neuronal change occurred after meeting that one greyhound. I was bound and determined to have one one day. About 10 years later, I met these cool people, Kristen and Gyeong. i found out they too wanted to adopt a greyhound one day! How cool!!! Three years later, Kristen and Gyeong were finally able to adopt their first greyhound (we know her now as Stella). I had recently made acquantances with one Jason Stumpf. Who as a dog person, fit right in to my lifestyle but when I told him of my dreams to own a greyhound, he said "a greyhound? We have Shiloh and Dante..we don't need another dog. What is so special about a greyhound anyway?" B/c he, my friends, had never met one.

So we went to visit Kristen and meet their new gh. Stella worked her wonderful magic and on the ride home I heard "I want a greyhound". ;-)
So we decided to adopt after the holidays through VAGA. But Dana was confiscated and needed a home. So on December 3, 2005, we brought her home. She is now 6 1/2 years old.
Dana..she didn't get the greyhound memo. She sheds..a lot. She is very fuzzy and even though she raced for her full career she has very few scars. She doesn't like to be on the couch and only gets on the bed when we put her there. She loves the cold and refuses to move if we put a coat on her and she lays on the air conditioning vents all summer. And she is a roacher. ;-)

We call her Eeyore a lot..she freezes quite often and simply stares at the ground. She has NO spine and wil be pushed around by anyone. But she is Daddy's little princess and can do no
wrong. She roos constantly (see video in past blog entry)and has a very happy windmill tail that
has whacked many a fingertip, thigh, manberry, or eyeball depending on the height of the victim.
She is a lover not a thinker..but that makes her sweet. She had a good time at obedience class even though she made up the L.D. table. And she sleeps on her nose a lot.

She loves playing with her greyhound friends (and I am still working on her daddy to get her a permanent gh friend) and loves that we foster and board all her friends. But Shiloh has become her best friend. They play together all the time and can usually be found sleeping near each other (but my blog is always full of those images!)
But she started our adventure in the world of greyhounds. And now we love to talk about them, dress ourselves in their image, spend our days and nights promoting them and basically becoming a card carrying member of the cult.
Stay tuned for pics and stories from my girls weekend in Atlantic City coming up this week! ;-)

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IHateToast said...

my experience was like that in that i saw a grey one day, and years later was ready to adopt. looks like jason's middle name is SUCKED IN! isn't that what his last name means?

loved those photos. i'm a sucker for dog p0rn.