Sunday, July 8, 2007


Now it is Dante's turn. Dante was Jason's contribution to our relationship. Jason's mother bought Dante from a petstore (GASP!) and as she is known to do decided he was too much to handle after about 1 year. So Jason took him. Now Dante. He had his manberries (thanks Kayte!) for WAAAAYYY too long. When I came in to the picture the bachelors had been together way too long. Dante thought he was king of his castle. Jason loved his little dog but wasn't one to take him to a dog park. So he wasn't socialized to other dogs..but those doo-dads prevented him from joining in the reindeer games...he had his mind on humping it or fighting it. So Kristen and I took it upon ourselves to render Dante socialized. It took me about a year to get Jason to 'do the surgery'. He is now 9 years old and graying a bit. He still doesn't like playing with other dogs but LOVES to squeak toys and can entertain himself for hours.
Dante is very cute and he knows it. He has more attitude than any other dog I know (he is just like his daddy). We call him a P.I.T.A. big time. He is the one we have to watch around other dogs. He can be grumpy. And he growls at us a lot..especially if you make him move. He growls as he jumps off the couch or the bed. it is funny.
He loves riding on the 4-wheeler at my mom's house.

He loves his ball more than anything else in the world.

So much so that even if we are playing with a ball in the pool, he will jump on a float and bark and get worked up in a tizzy to get hold of it

He looks really good in hats. And he loves parades..he thinks the parades are all for him. And as we walk with all the greyhounds the crowds are all oohing and ahing over how cute the weiner dog is.

He isn't a weiner dog anymore..he is a sausage. He is 22lbs and has lost weight but he is a brick. The time of testosterone led to a beefy dog. He is always found under a blanket...and sleeps under the covers at my feet every night.

He is Dante..with all his quirks. He loves everyone except us most of the time. He is a VERY indiscrimant eater (yep..eats everything...i mean everything) and subsequently has horrible breath. But he will snuggle with the best of them and can usually be found under the blanket with me on the recliner.

Our Dante..he loves to tell everyone how horrible his life is by whining and squeaking. But as you can see..he has it pretty good. But in Dante's perfect world he would be king, the world would be one big heated bed (which we have and he uses) and everyone's purpose would be to make him happy.


Amanda said...

Maybe his breath wouldn't smell so bad if you didn't let him eat greyhound toenails and beatles. =) I thought of him today while we were trimming Ana and Blue's nails. (You would be so proud, Kenney held them really well, and I only had 1 bleeder out of 35 toes!) Can't wait to hear about the yummies at the winery!

Kevin & Shannon said...

Dante is a big hit at all the parades! His little legs usually hold up longer then those lanky greyhounds!

ldupie said...

Dante is a cutie and you know my youngest doaughter thought he was a cutie.

IHateToast said...

and in his own world he has his manberries back and is humping great dane laydeeeeeze *wink*wink*snap!

you didn't get him neuticles?