Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Roo Roo's boo boo and the California girl is hot. It is 107F outside right now and that pretty much makes everything and everyone miserable. Just thought I would mention that in the beginning. ;-)
Dana Roo Roo has a boo boo. Basically....the scenario from my perspective went "Dana..come inside" as I walked in the back door. A loud crash boom bash occurred at the steps on the deck. I turn around with fear in time to see legs and tail in the air. I run outside to see if she is ok and she rebounds,runs up the stairs and wiggles and roos at me. Cool. From her perspective.."mommy calling..gotta go inside..go inside..up the stair...two..OOOHH butterfly" crash! "I'm ok!"
A while later..I notice she isn't ok. She has done a doozy to her leg..not really sure why she didn't give me a hint that she was hurt. So after some serious at home vet work..she is healing nicely albeit with a pink leg!

Cali is doing really well. I always asked foster mom how they knew 'the right one'. As fosters we sort of get that option to 'test drive' them as well as to see a variety of personalities. Many would not have been a match but some would have been. Timing has always been an issue or just not having 'that' feeling. Now I realize what everyone was talking about. We love all greyhounds...but like all pets some are made for you. Here is a photo string of why Cali is perfect for us...
Not really sure what she was doing here...but it was cute.

Jason watching TV in the recliner.

Jason playing his Xbox 360Jason relaxing on the couch after a big meal

Shiloh and Cali on the couch. Shiloh has never had a gh on the couch..she doesn't understand the meaning of 'danger zone'. I am assuming she will figure it out one day!!!

I think she likes it here. All fosters are put through the 'snuggle' test...she passed with flying colors and never looked back!

And for all you men out is a lesson..

Just because

Because I was an arse



gyeong said...

Must be something with the heat and the stairs. Stanley managed to rip off most of a toenail while 'scrambling' up the stairs to get back in from the heat. I'm glad to guys have a snuggly grey. I'm not sure what I'd do without my lap-grey Stella.

Greyt Times said...

I wish mine were snugglers. Hoss will a little bit if I get down on the floor with him. He'll do his best impression of an inch-worm and move within belly scratching range. Now that he is starting to venture onto the couch while I'm away, I'm thinking he might eventually become a couch snuggler. We'll see...

IHateToast said...

so when jason isn't around, cali snuggles a pillow?

sorry about dana's boo boo. do you think she did it to get a pink bandage? like the kids who are terribly injured just to get a harry potter band-aid.

thebellagreyhound said...

Poor Dana - at least her bandage is cool!
Yup Cali sure is a keeper! I knew within 24 hours that the Snork had found home. Some greys just have a way of letting you know that they have found you.