Saturday, August 25, 2007

We will miss you Dani!!!!!

So you have probably heard me mention through the years, that I am part of a 'girls night' every week. A bunch of us get together and take turns cooking. We loosely refer to it as "wcjlc" which stands for 'white chick joy luck club' basically b/c we aren't Asian but we felt the idea should still fit. ;-) But I digress...One of our girls has decided to take a job in Madison, Wisconsin. Why...we aren't fully sure but we are hoping she will find all the happiness possible and will be appreciated as she should in her new endeavors. She has started a blog so hopefully we can keep up with her through her new life's chapter. But we will miss you, Dani!!! We went out for a 'good-bye' dinner last week. Here are Laura, Stephanie, Dani, me, Jenni and Amanda (down front) after a nice meal at Curry House. Good luck!!!!!
On the dog front, I was supposed to help with a huge dog haul today but the weather here and in Florida is just too daggone hot. So the haul was postponed until next week. I hopefully will get some cool pictures..there are 12 dogs coming up at this point and we are hoping to get more! How great to save so many at once especially since 2 tracks have recently closed in Florida leaving many dogs with unknown futures.
So no fosters this week..but we still have Macy boarding. She is a very cute fawn girl who is quite easy.
Cali is doing great. She is such a love bug that if a lap isn't available she squirms in to any nitch she can find that has body heat. Dana and Macy were laying comfortable on their beds until Miss Cali came flopping down. No one seemed to mind.

And I couldn't resist this photo..Dante LOVES sunbeams....and he is fat. So pictures like this are funny in so many ways.

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IHateToast said...


oy. scared me.

make dani send you stuff from The Onion.

dante's hind legs can't even touch. oh, he needs to do some crunches.