Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two Year anniversary trip

Before getting in to my weekend, I wanted to say good-bye to can see pictures on Gyeong and Shannon's blog. We helped bring him up from Florida last October and you can see pictures of him at my house last weekend in my last blog entry. We will miss him.

We are now down to one boarder, Macy. I don't have any pictures of her as of yet b/c we were pretty busy on Saturday. Since Jason was on call on our actual anniversary day, we decided to celebrate it this past weekend. We drove the two hours to Stone Mountain Winery in Dyke, Virginia. It was 2 miles up the Blue Ridge Mountains along a gravel pig path but the treacherous drive was worth the viewThe wine was pretty good but we decided to hang there and eat lunch on the deck. The weather was a perfect 80 F

Then we drove further north to Luray Caverns, which was quite amazing! I took a ton of pictures and actually weeded them down for the blog! It was amazing to see what water can do...

And even more amazing..was that the stalactites and stalagmites were still growing!

I love this picture..b/c it is very deceiving. These are stalactites in the ceiling of the cave being reflected by a 'mirror' of water. There are no formations on the floor..

And there was a 'wishing well' that has raised over 630,000 dollars for charity

And let's be honest..what would a trip be without pictures of Jason making weird faces in odd locations? He didn't have a drink to point too!

And just to prove I was actually there..

Then we drove another few hours west to Prince Michel Winery in Leon, Virginia. This is a huge winery with great wine. We had another snack on their porch to enjoy a glass of their wine and then drove home. Amanda spent some quality time with the 8 dogs at my house that day.

We had a lot of fun and the weather was fantastic!


IHateToast said...

happy manniversary!

those were fantastic photos of the caverns. i'd never heard of that place. there's so much in our own backyard, but so often we just look elsewhere.

how many bottles of vino did you come back with?

Amanda said...

your photos came out beautifully! what setting ended up working the best for you, do you remember? we had fun checking in on the pups, but blue was ticked when we got home and he could smell booyah on me...he was mad that we didn't take him to see his BFF. =)

gyeong said...

That sounds like a fun whirlwind trip. It's hard to be spontaneous anymore with all the cute puppies at home. Happy 2nd anniversary!