Sunday, April 27, 2008


Next weekend is our GPA's spring picnic..which means I will be slam busy all week until Sunday's picnic with preparation and stuff AND we have a haul coming in on Saturday so we decided to take this weekend for ourselves.
What are two things that can make you feel better no matter the mood or weather? Wine and Chocolate. And go figure..there was a chocolate festival AND a wine festival in Richmond this weekend.
First..University of Richmond's culinary institute had a Chocolate festival! For the 10.00 ticket, you got to sample chocolate concoctions from 14 vendors/culinary institutes! It was pretty cool..
This was tenderloin steak in chocolate was wonderful and Yes..we have the recipe!
This is another booth's offerings..
And what is a chocolate festival with a huge chocolate fountain!!!
And they even had seminars by big name chefs in big tall white hats..but it gave me a good locale to take overhead shots. Jason was listening to him..I was people watching!
And .. figured from now on at festivals if I see someone outlandish..I will photo it and share! I wish I had gotten a better shot of this one..but it is hard to explain to a perfect stranger why you need someone to face you and stand still..but know that her headband had cat ears..So after 2 hours of eating chocolate we headed to Innsbrook for the James River Wine Festival! Gave the pancreas a break and started in on the liver..wooohoo!This was a newer winery that we liked quite well.

It was we weren't there terribly long. But after a day of eating chocolate and drinking wine in the was nappy time. And I promise..this is not set up and Jason is snoring..loudly. The camera shutter noise woke him up but I snapped off a few before he woke up.

And so the others don't feel left impromptu photo of Shiloh chewing on a bone..
And Dana..just looking pretty!
And to start the greyhound week! All of the board members are wearing two hats this week..we are all on the events committee this week since the picnic is such a big undertaking. AND with the haul coming in .. I am still doing my normal foster coordinator duties. And let's not forget I leave for Jamaica in 9 days. ;-) Wooohooooo!!! So this gonna be crazy but the hounds are worth every minute.


gyeong said...

Just looking at all that chocolate and wine is making me fat. Good thing I ran 20 miles this week :)

Must be a brindle thing. I sleep with Stella on my chest sometimes. I've tried that with Stanley, but he gets heavy after a while.

greytblackdog said...

That sleeping shot is awesome. Seka would never sleep like that. She prefers to sleep in the crack between our bodies and the pillows on the sofa and the eventually wedge us off the sofa at some point during your nap.

All of that chocolate gives me an instant craving. So not fair.

greytblackdog said...

Oh, and btw - the lady with the cat ears - what's with the knee socks? Did she arrive at the chocolate festival looking like that or was that after all the sugar went to her head?

IHateToast said...

i have a trick for you. mark and i do this. one of us stands in front as though the photo is of me/him. then the one with the camera moves it just enough to get the fashion victim, click, back to aiming at one of us. easy.

you must try, oh novice one.

and you have to go to some cat shows. that just might do your head in.

nice chocoporn!