Friday, January 9, 2009

Confessions on Ice

A few minor confessions.
I am now a full fledged member of Facebook. I always poo-poo'd the idea and felt the whole myspace generation did not include me. But who knew it could be as entertaining as it has become. So if anyone else is a closet Facebooker or even if you are out..feel free to hit me up as a friend (Katrina Stumpf, for those who don't actually know me). that that is off my chest.
Another confession is that about 6 months ago we were interviewed for an Owner Spotlight article in Subaru's Drive magazine. This is a magazine all Subaru owners get after purchasing their new car. So it is a pretty big publication in a subset of the country. We then had a professional photographer take us on a photo shoot in Bryan Park last October. I have been holding on to these photos until the article came out in this month's issue (click on Owner Spotlight) (as of today..Subaru has not updated their website with the current issue..see below for photos!). Along with in the magazine, these are the other photos they gave us. The photo shoot was quite demanding..3 hours of walking, standing, smiling...we were exhausted.
I hope greyhounds across the country benefit from this article. If it convinces a few Subaru owners to adopt a greyhound, it was well worth the time and effort. And maybe it will even convince a greyhound owner or two to purchase a Subaru.
On the greyhound front, we did a haul on Tuesday (I know, crazy) so at 5AM the back of my car looked like this:
But I got a foster, KNC Blue Ice, a very sweet and 'wiggly' blue brindle girl. She has been the easiest foster..


ashleyezell said...

We're possibly interested in adopting Blue Ice, your foster girl. We were wondering who we need to get into contact with for more information. Also, about how much does she weigh and do you know if she's cat friendly?

We have a 6 y/o brindle male and a 1 y/o kitty. Please contact us with any information at

Thank you so much!

alex said...

GREAT pictures of you for the subaru magazine. (You are all very photogenic!) Blue Ice is gorgeous!! Keep us informed on whether or not she gets adopted.
I dearly love the ears on the other greyhound you hauled.
As far as facebook goes- Sorry, only my 14 yr. daughter has a facebook page and I doubt you want her to "friend" you. I'm even sorry she knows my blog url. lol.

alex said...
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IHateToast said...

i've been campaigning for a booroo. we don't have a car of our own. we have an ugly company car. we're shopping for a car to have the company pay part of the lease. i'm for the booroo. just sent this link to my manboy. i hide genji's posts. manboy worries that i'll go sectional with 8 greys if i read his too much.

great photos. love the first one with dana not looking ahead.

gyeong said...

I will be a FaceBook Holdout Forever! :) Something about greys and Subies just seems right. Works for our kids.

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

That is great! I get that magazine :)
Your foster is a beauty, she should find a taker soon.

Angela said... are all stars now! Those are some great pictures! I bet your pups couldn't wait for a nap after a 3 hour photo shoot :)

ykngld said...

I loved the article! I was so excited to see a Greyhound family featured. Like you, we have a Suba-ROO - Outback, and our 3 greyhounds ride everywhere with us.

I took my Roo in for service to a new dealership in the area, and one of the mechanics had been looking for a suitable dog for his family and new house. I answered his questions, and asked him to visit our meet and greet that following Sunday. He and his wife showed up to visit the hounds and ask more questions. I don't know what decision they'll make, but it's nice to know a retired racer is in the running!

Bethanie and Chris said...

This is awesome!

Jabberwocky said...

Our daughter just bought a Subaru to traverse the mountains in Salt Lake City -- after getting stranded in a snowstorm in her old GTI. She loves it!

This is very cool -- she just bought the car so we'll have to check it out when she gets the magazine!

SunnySC said...

Hello, Is Blue Ice available still for adoption? We are getting her brother Lil Boy Blue and would like to have littermates. Please contact me at with any information.

Adam Krause

SunnySC said...

I would like to know if Blue Ice is still for adoption. We are adopting Lil Boy Blue her brother and would like littermates. Please contact me at