Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dana!!!

Happy 8th Birthday, Dana! Today my rooing girl turns 8 and enters 'senior-dom'.
From the first day we got her 3 years ago,
and her first meal at home

Miss Dana stole our hearts and wiggled her way in to our lives.

We call her Dana Roo Roo pants but sometimes she resembles Eeyore a little more. But we love her through all her quirks.

She loves to roo and dance

Dana, How are you going to spend your birthday?Happy Birthday, Dana!!!


ykngld said...

Rappy Birfday Dana! You's quite a Roo-er, or should we say Roo-ster! (Roo sounded a rittle rike a cluck-cluck chicken near the end!)

Hope Maw & Paw made some tasty treats for Roo - send some R way if you have reftovers!

Drew, Handy and Garth
Hiram, GA

Jabberwocky said...

Happy Birthday, Dana! Roadie had to have a roo from the bedroom when he heard the video, but was apparently too tired to get off his bed and come see what he was rooing to.

I'm sure that means he wishes Dana a happy birthday too!

Harvey and Jackson said...

Big birthday roos from Harvey and Jackson, hope you had a fun day!

Terri said...

roooooo! happy birthday, Dana! I played your video for Sabrina and Apollo and they were quite interested!

gyeong said...

Happy Bday Dana RooRoo! I will bring my kids down this weekend to continue celebrating your birthday.

pineland said...

Those are great pictures of Dana! Happy Birthday!!

IHateToast said...

happy belated birthday, dana roo roo pants.
now is the time for you to be hanging with 18-month-old fosters, so i can call you dana roo roo cougar pants.