Friday, January 30, 2009

update on me!

Mommy has been very sick these past few days. I have been giving her lots of dinner time..and snuggling with her ..when I want a make her feel better..and feed me. She hasn't been up for I took this opportunity to talk about my favorite subject ..ME! Before I get in to my werking days (I was told I didn't spell it correctly in my first post. Pfft..I knew that!) I wanted to make a one complain about MY drippy nose any longer. I have one little drop hanging off my nose and everyone points and laughs (or takes a picture). After seeing what can come out of YOUR nose when you are about gross!
Anyway..I have been werking a lot these past few months. I go with mommy to work a few days a month. We are still seeing the "Vets" but now I know that doesn't mean the person that sticks things up my bum...mommy says they 'are in the miwitary'. Daddy was in the he is a vet, too! So now I am even MORE excited to see them.

Let's recap. I get to lay in mommy's office on a pillow while we wait to go visit the 'vets'.I love walking around the hospital with my vest on..everyone tells me how beautiful I am and stuff..I never get tired of hearing that! I am much more comfortable in the magic box now..I understand it is a transportation thing like a car. I am still getting used to that weird thing on wheels that moves around the halls and talks..mommy says it is a 'robot' that delivers stuff around the hospital..I call it creepy and I think it wants to eat me.
At christmas..Mommy made me wear this stupid hat..she said Daddy didnt' know..I told him..he said he was sorry Mommy made me wear it. I really enjoy visiting the places where all the people come to a room to see me. I am not as happy going in to their rooms individually. But I am getting used to the smells and trying to find their hands under all the covers.
My favorite was one day we went to a big room and all these men were there who reminded me of Daddy! They were young and played with me a lot..they even gave me a squeaky toy! Mommy said that Daddy was in a place like this for a while when he got hurt in the miwitary. I am glad he isn't in that place any more..but if he were..I would come cheer him up b/c I am allowed too and Dana and shiloh and dante aren't..cuz I am special. :P
I really have a good time visiting the hospital...but it sure does wear a little girl outI am sure Mommy will be back to blogging and photographing my gorgeous self in no time. But for now..tata


gyeong said...

Cali, don't ever show Stella how to blog. She'll be a computer hog. She'll be submitting photos to all the time :)

IHateToast said...


ha ha ha ha! that was good.