Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did you see that?

I don't know if you were paying attention on Saturday afternoon..but if you had looked to the sky you might have noticed a few pigs flying about. And that shudder you felt ...hell freezing over. But not to was only fleeting and left no ill after effects..I just threw a baby shower for my oldest and dearest friend, Jenni. It was a lot of estrogen for one room..but we all had fun and my 'fur kids' got a lot of attention.
Nerice made a beautiful cake as always!
And cookies too!
We covered my house in pink, yellow and purple-ness...
And Jason and Laura made some wonderful appetizers
After enjoying some yummy food, we got to the actual point of a baby shower..the LOOT! Which I found this particular loot..although very useful and necessary to the 'pregnant lady of the hour'..not nearly as much fun as bridal shower or birthday presents. (I love you, Jenni!!!!!)
The funniest part of these photos..if you look in the background..Jason is thoroughly engrossed in his World of Warcraft and talking to 'mission control'. He didn't even notice the 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over things I didn't understand but made my 'parts' hurt.The dogs were part of the whole thing..most people were very willing to sit on dog beds and snuggle with Cali and Dana. Shiloh stayed in the chaise the whole time. But Dante..he has an affinity to all things soft and fluffy..aka all baby stuff. So he was in tune to what was being opening. Luckily, Aunt Kristen knows his tricks and kept a steady vigil over the pink elephant and fuzzy blankets.
But he became wise to these antics and went to the source. Jenni opened a stuffed bear and it was ON!I had to laugh at this photo. Our kids are so used to parties and lots of commotion..but Dana was distressed that no one brought her a friend. So she did the ostrich in the sand thing ..which freaked KC out!So enough about girly stuff! Let's show some photos of dogs! ;-)
We still have KC, she is getting adopted on Friday. But we had a minor scare with her last week. She started throwing up and not feeling well. A day at the vet revealed some 'bone shards' in her intestines..a remnant from track life I suppose? But she is on 5-6 small meals of special gold food (same gold food as shiloh!) while everything works its way through. She is doing great now though!Cali loves her stuffed dogI know this photos has some bad lighting..I am still working on it. But I thought it was a good shot of my two girls.Shiloh is doing so much better on her new food and late night meal. She has her old spunk back and is playing with the hounds again!and the rare shot of all my fur kids together. It doesn't happen often..aren't they cute!


gyeong said...

Good thing guys don't have to throw baby showers :) I'm sure you and Kris had the wine flowing.

Nerice Lochansky said...

glad to see Shiloh running around with the rest of the pack again. And I'm glad everyone liked the cake & cookies! :-)

IHateToast said...

so what's the deal? who gets the crotch of a cake like that?

who knew that there were other uses of WoW?

Scott said...

Wow, I think I need to watch some football or something. Being exposed to those pictures has given me estrogen radiation I think!