Saturday, September 1, 2007

All for the cause

I know I have said we had a lot of dogs before...I didn't mean it. I thought I did..but I was wrong. ;-) We are watching the Alfano dogs this week..FloJo, Sara and Tristan. I have pictures of them in past blogs. I am also watching Wolf..the Alfano's were watching him last week and his owners are coming home on Sunday. So we have him for a few days. He is a sweet 8 year old boy.

Then today we had a haul of 15 dogs!!!! 10 of them had homes..which is just awesome. With the recent closure of tracks in Florida, the situation has gotten dire. Tracks like SOKC (Dana's) and JCKC (Cali's) take the brunt of these closures..those that don't make it to these 'off-tracks' meet an uncertain fate. And those that do make it too these tracks..have the same uncertain fate. Once they are at these tracks, their racing days are numbered. We call them 'end of the line' tracks. Adoption groups around the country help ease the burden and take dogs that have no where else to go. So today, we pushed the limit and came out great! Here are some of the dogs walking in to the bath house very early this morning
Everyone getting their bath..they were full of fleas, dirt and nastiness..
Here are some waiting for their turn with the soap!I think this was Where's my Spice..but she was a CUTIE

Then we brought home our foster, Southern Lovin...what are you supposed to call this one? We named her Belle. I will get better pictures of her this week..but after batheing for 3 hours and getting up at 6AM..I am tired!
We also brought home Apollo for a few hours. His new foster mom picked him up this afternoon. He was a big lover! Such a sweet handsome boy!So if you have been doing the math while reading realize we had 10 dogs for a while this afternoon. A familiar shot is below..but the only people are Jason and I! From bottom left is Shiloh, Dana, Sara, Jo, Apollo, Belle, Cali. Dante is on the recliner. Tristan is not they aren't all in there!!!
We also went to a Wine festival today to benefit the Richmond SPCA and took Cali and Sara. They are great Ambasa-dogs for the greyhounds. We talked to egads of people and everyone just thought they were beautiful! They are definitely worth every bit of effort!!!! Now..time for a nap!


gyeong said...

Is this some kinda competition? LOL. I gots 9 doggies with me right now too. The fun part was feeding them by myself while Kris was driving back from the game. Not looking forward to getting up at 4am for a haul next week. The farther you are from the track, the earlier you gotta get up. Eek! I will remember 'All for the Cause' as I roll out of bed in the dark.

IHateToast said...

oooh, a trina vs. gyeong smackdown! make sure there's a camera.

where's my spice is beautiful. did she get a home?

Danielle said...

just thought you might get a kick out of this: My first full day in the apartment I was sitting outside and here comes a couple with two ... wait for it... greyhounds! I, of course, descended on them and loved on the dogs. Cleo almost peed herself in excitement. Finally, some of "her people"! I think they said the dogs came from a track in Idaho, but I don't really remember (I had my face buried in a dog's face). I told them about you guys. They were very nice, but probably thought I was a bit weird. It felt like old home days!