Friday, September 28, 2007

Death and Taxes

The old saying is that there are two things in life you can absolutely count on..death and taxes. The taxes part we get used is an every day thing that we expect and ignore. The other one, however, you never get used too. Sadly over the past few months my friends, family and I have experienced death too much. This year has been rough for us all.

I just returned from my 3rd funeral in 3 months. This time it was my grandmother. My poor mother has buried her sister and mother in this time. Pretty sh$#&y if you ask me. This was my first funeral in which I was involved in all the planning from start to finish. I realized that being a funeral director is a lucrative albeit heartless profession. From my experiences, you have to be very old, have silver hair, shaking hands, the desire to look at dead people all day every day, drive slowly and disobey all traffic laws while leading a string of bleary eyed people. I don't fit the bill...well except maybe the traffic law part but he broke the rules I usually obey! But the 9,000 dollar funeral bill seemed a bit much ..maybe that is just me. And the worst part is that all 3 funerals were held at the same funeral home..kind of a cruel joke almost. It is sad when you don't have to be shown the bathroom or the candy jar ..hehe.. and I had actually discovered the most comfortable chair in funeral parlor A, that the 'no food or drinks' was really just a suggestion b/c they weren't going to tell the family that just paid them 9K they couldn't have their lattes and 8 hours in a room with cut flowers is long enough to make my eyeballs become sandpaper and my sinuses fill with goo. yeah..8 hours in one place for the 'viewing'..times 3 funerals...the soothing colors of mauve and tan now make my stomach turn. Not to mention I have differing 'opinions' about certain things but had to grin and bear it for my mother and family. Then while in the funeral procession friend Susan (remember from the Atlantic City trip) lets me know her sister had passed away that morning. It wasn't unexpected but neither was my grandmother..that doesn't really make it easier. That makes 5 people in the past 6 months.
But it doesn't end there...
There have been multiple four legged deaths over the past few months. Most have been documented on my blog but some haven't.
As Kristen said..2007 can't be over quick enough. Both our lives have changed dramatically due to various events this year that weren't fun or easy.
We have had a few shining moments this year ..Stanley and Cali were much needed and came at the exact right time for each of us. And we have had a lot of fun and lived well. And we have played our part in helping many many greyhounds find their forever homes!
I guess everyone needs a gut check occasionally..I had a pretty long run without a funeral. And I had not lost a beloved fur kid since my horse died 2 years ago.
But enough is enough.
Well, enough sad talk. Had to spout off a bit..and if not here...where?
Hug your kids, family and friends! Luckily I get to leave now and take a greyhound to their new forever home...the road to recovery begins! ;-)


gyeong said...

Miss the days when everyone I knew was alive, and I was invincible! Now I appreciate every day I have with my family and kids. I tell my kids everyday how lucky they are!

IHateToast said...

sounds like a particularly exhausting year. here's to 2008!

and here's to the wonderful relationships you had. the warm bodies might not be around, but the memories are still there. grandmas are hard to say good-bye to. they go with so many secrets.

pineland said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother.. Toast is right. Grandmas are hard to loose...2008 is just around the corner.....

Amanda said...

it's sad to say that it is events like these that make us take another look at our lives and the people we take for granted each and every day. i hope the rest of 2007 passes quietly and that 2008 is void of the harsh reality of life.

thebellagreyhound said...

2006 was our bad year. First Matt's parents were almost killed in a head on collision. Then we lost our beautiful Sam. And then I lost my Nana. It seemed the year would never end. Now 2007 has seen many more greys go to the bridge. 2008 just has to be better : )