Monday, September 24, 2007

In and Out

Belle went to her hopeful forever home on Saturday. I think she is going to be very happy with her new family. We bought a new bed at Costco on Friday (I am worse than Imelda when it comes to dog beds). And everyone wanted the new fluffy bed. Belle got dibs since she was leaving the next day.

Then Dana got a turn..Cali was in for a little bit but prefers the matter how fluffy the beds are. ;-)

Then Hemingway got dropped off. He is a very active 3 year old boy who came up in the haul with Belle. So his new owners have only had him 3 weeks! They just needed a sitter for the night so he joined us for a while. He was very goofy and teeny..the size of Cali!
He played hard...and he slept hard!
Then my parents came for a visit (we are now at 11AM on saturday was busy!). We went to the first of the Oktoberfests in Richmond and had some good beer and wursts! My mom brought her Shih-Tzu..Truflz..don't ask why he is named that. But he is cute.
Then we got Lindley for a few nights. She is owned by Brian Shaunesy and is 8 years old. She is really quiet and very sweet.
And Cali liked the shot of got of Truflz so she stuck her head through. Luckily she didn't get stuck.

And then it was time to kill the stuffie!
Then Sunday night we were watching football (GO COWBOYS!) and I came in to the living room to find this..not staged. This is our friend Rob and Jason with the girls.


Amanda said...

does that mean you were holding dana in your lap? i thought about your plus-sized girl when we went to petsmart last night for dog food...there was a super cute puffer-vest in XL, but Annie needs an XXL. i guess all greys are plus sized compared to other breeds. =) annie needs a purple puffer vest!

gyeong said...

I think Costco keeps changing their dog bed designs for people like you and me who are addicted to getting all the patterns.

Quite the doggie shuffle. You should have a turnstile instead of a door :)

IHateToast said...

if someone had told those two while they were in college, that in a few years they'd be cuddling dogs instead of women, they'd have lobbed a beer at you.

how funny was that photo?! you're so gone!

pineland said...

Greyhounds are so funny when it comes to their beds! As far as cuddling dogs... that picture is classic!! I have often mentioned to Kevin he needs to put the dog down and cuddle me!