Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Southern Loving

I sounds like some kind of froofie drink or an Alabama stripper's call name. It isn' is my foster. I don't usually rename them..but I just couldn't yell..come on Lovin' out the back door. My neighbors already think I am weird enough. So we call her Belle it is easier and it fits the theme. She is very sweet and has finally started coming out of her shell. She is skinny and has some skin issues..but she loves belly rubs!
She has a very cute face..
And finally has started to run to the door when I call her name!

We still have the Alfano's crew..they are pretty used to being here so we don't have too many issues with them. They love to play and now that it doesn't feel like a sauna outside, they are able to run around. This is Tristan taking the lead with Cali, Belle and Sara on his tail! Jo and Dana (hidden behind Jo) are confused. ;-)

Here is Dana-Roo watching from the sidelines..this was 2 seconds before she darted down the stairs to join in the fun! She is sooo pretty!

And of course..Cali. She loves to play with the tennis ball..

And what would my blog be without a gratitous Cali shot..this is how Jason works. Sick..on many levels. And yes..she is giving me the 'He's mine..." look. I am getting used to it. She smells she is so rotten.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! We had some friends over for some brats and wine. I don't have any pictures. Gyeong might have some on his blog. He felt fine the next day...unlike some of us so I am hoping he got some good shots of the dogs!


Nerice Lochansky said...

Ok...that picture with Jason and Cali is so darn funny! You might as well give up and move into a spare bedroom Trina! :-P

Belle is beautiful! Thanks for fostering her!

gyeong said...

It's fun to feed them as much as they will eat. Then watch as they fill out and blow their track coat.

Jason got the lap grey he always wanted. What a sweetie she is.

IHateToast said...

you're the third wheel now. dumped for a brindle, too. you and dana can drown your sorrows with southern lovin' and some queso dip.

Kevin & Shannon said...

I am having the same issues with Jasmine and Kevin! Since she has been spending so much time with him while HER momma has been away... she now thinks Kevin is HERS and I am just the person that hangs around taking up time that he should be spending with her! I've gotten the stink eye on many occasions! It's really pretty commical to watch!

Belle is such a good looking hound. I have always wanted a brindle.... hhhmmm... might need a bigger boat afterall!

I'm back on line now! woohoo!

Sarah Regan Snavely said...

Wow! Wonderful photos!