Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend warriors

We went to Lewis Ginter last week for their Fidos after 5 event..that was a lot of fun. And talk about great weather! You can see a bunch more pictures on Amanda and Gyeong's blogs but I have a few. Here are Amanda and Kenney enjoying the event.
And sunset at Lewis Ginter...very pretty.
Now..I have an aversion to physical labor. I only do yard work a very few weekends out of the has to be the perfect temperature and humidity. At least I admit it..right? So this weekend we decided to redo the front yard. It was 75F, blue sky and beautiful! So we spent the entire weekend outside redoing the landscaping. Now..we have lived in the house for 2 years and planted nothing, mulched sparingly and really done nothing with the front yard. There was a 8 foot oak tree planted by the developer that needed to go (don't worry..we replace it!). So it took Jason 4 hours of swinging a pick axe to get that thing down, roots and all!
Then the tree got cut up in to bits and loaded in the mean wagon. Poor wagon..we abuse it so. Off to the landfill..mulch the tree will become!
Then we go to a local nursery and buy a bunch of perinnials (remember..i don't do this often so they have to come back every year). We plant a crepe myrtle and 6 different perrinials in the front flower bed, a few plants in the beds in front of the windows, edge everything with composite edging and mulch! WEEKEND WARRIORS!!!
Of course, the dogs hated it. They weren't able to be with us so they had to stay at the windows and doors. Cali slept on the front mat and everyone else would jump up at the slightest sound! Here are Cali, Belle and Dante wanting out!
Dana is happy to take over an open window...we don't get opportunities to open windows often!
And we still have Belle..she is doing soooo well. She has been very easy. Her personality has come out and she is a sweetheart! And her skin is getting is still flaky but the open sores have gone away. And she has gained some weight! I talked to someone tonight who is interested in hopefully she will be going to her forever home soon! She is comfortable living in a home I think!
Basking in the sunshine!


Amanda said...

Oooh! How pretty your yard is now! (well, at least what I can see of it!) You guys were super busy! Our yard is kicking our butts, but that is only because no one has really taken care of it in the past 10 years, or possibly since 1955 when it was built. I have to check out this nursery that you went to...I like the idea of not having to plant stuff every year!

Belle looks so comfy!!

gyeong said...

The kids love it when I prune branches in the back yard. They run around with the branches like it's some big prize.

IHateToast said...

you're so trusting of the other woman. letting her just lie around like that.

we had to chop some oaks. one was right next to the house (?!?!) and another two were too close to each other. one had to go. silly. it's good to plant trees, but plan! sigh. people need to be like us or DIE!

no, ha. kidding.

but... yeah, no, i'm kidding.

thebellagreyhound said...

Lucky you were not doing that in Oz - might have had a whole paddock to clear!

Love those sun snoozing shots.