Sunday, April 6, 2008

5 minutes 'til Wapner

Last weekend, we actually only had our 4 we used that as an opportunity to steam clean the downstairs (it is an annual event). Well..Dana HATES change. As you can see..we rearranged her world. She tolerated the beds and furniture being out of whack for about 5 minutes before pulling a "Rainman" moment. Pacing around the house, crying, just throwing a very large fit. It was very sad. We steamcleaned her 'bed's spot' first so it would dry quickly...then put it back as quickly as possible to get everything back in all is better in Dana's world.
But alas..we only had our 4 for a few days. We got another haul on Thursday of 6 new hounds. They were all so cute as usual. I brought home two just for the night..
Alkay's Halflife a VERY small (52lbs) ultra sweet little girl. She reminded me a lot of another beautiful black girl with ears that stand straight up

I did her adoption on Friday night ..she is doing very well in her new forever home.
Knockout Rose just stayed with me overnight until Lin could pick her up to foster. She was very pretty and sweet as well. She will find a forever home soon.

I am taking a bit of a break from fostering ..with vacation coming up (Jamaica in 4 weeks!!) and my kids needed a bit of a break. But Hemi and Bella came to visit for the week on Thursday as well so we had 8 dogs for one night. Jason was up late putting a computer together for a friend..e snuck upstairs to take a night time can actually see everyone but Shiloh if you look hard enough. I am the lump under the covers in the bed. ;-) It was a rainy weekend so they all just crashed all day. Six greyhounds..enjoying a lazy day (cali is on the couch..surprise!) And I will leave you with a musical interlude courtesy of Hemi, Bella, Dana and Cali..we call it 'Response to a Firetruck"


IHateToast said...

nothing like following up a roo session with a bit of down-facing dog or up-facing booty.

i think if cali were human, she'd have little clicky clacky slip on mule things with some feather crap on the front. i'm also thinking very bright orange toe nails.

gyeong said...

I think our kids appreciate it when we take a break from fostering. They do like their routines.

Jamaica. I really need a vacation too.

Harvey & Jackson said...

Harvey and Jackson loved the video... They sang right along!

greytblackdog said...

Who really likes change? Must have bed in the same place, mom! Be glad you don't have cats. They are the worst about change and they let you know it with pee on your bed.

Jamaica in four weeks. So awesome.

Oh, and the fire truck video - priceless. Roxy helped out with the Rooing on the first viewing.