Monday, April 21, 2008

"The sun will come up...tomorrow"

When we last left the Casa de la Stumpf..the weather was gorgeous and the grill was hot.
We had time to go to the Monticello Wine festival with Kristen and Gyeong. The weather was sooo perfect!!! Great wine...good friends..
Couldn't ask for more!
Gyeong strikes a pose and Jason gives the man some props..I see drunk people...I see people who didn't get the memo that cowboy boots don't go with sundresses (people watching is 75% of the fun at these events)We got home and couldn't stand not being outside for the rest of the evening...the kids got to run around and have some fun when we got home. Cali humored Smokey and played with him in the yard ..he has a HUGE crush on Cali (excuse the new Canon Rebel XTi with upgraded lens is on a UPS truck as we speak!!!!)Smokey is giddy...'she touched me...wooohoooo"
We grilled out again..and I couldn't stand not taking this photo. Remember what they got LAST time we grilled can't blame this look. But damn..she has pitiful down pat!!! was started raining. And it hasn't stopped. We are on 48 hours of straight rain..with 48 hours more forecasted. Really puts a downer on the house..We got 2 new boarders..Paris and Rome. Since it hasn't stopped raining an instant since they ops are hard to come by (Rome is the bottom right hound in the photo above). But this is Rome..And Paris..who likes to lay in the dining room so we have moved a bed in to her spot so she is more comfortable. They are both might stop raining before they leave. Rome will enjoy that..he has a lot of energy.
Rain, Rain go away..come again some other day!!!


gyeong said...

I knew we were going to have to pay for that beautiful spring day. Now just waiting for the yard to dry out.

Lookin' forward to some serious action shots from you XTi.

Michelle & Mitch said...

LOL! People watching is so great!! Looking forward to the upcoming pics with your new camera and looking forward to better quality pics with the new to me camera!! Thanks a zillion!!! =)

IHateToast said...

best in show! that's what my manboy and i do when we go to places like that. best inappropriate footwear. best crack. best cameltoe.

all very mature.

smokey and cali look like they just bounced from a head-on collision.

now get cracking on those photos. take gyeong down!