Thursday, April 17, 2008

car show and the Park kids

We had some events this weekend! yeah for warmer weather!! To celebrate the warme weather we took all the kids to Lewis Ginter Botanical GArdens to see the tulips in bloom! Now can you believe..this photo was taken by my CELL phone??? I am getting ready to upgrade cameras to an SLR (someone's gotta compete with gyeong's blog photos!! ;-) ) but was amazed what a cell phone can do these days!
Then we went to an American Cancer society car show last Saturday. It ended up raining so we all left but we did get to see some cool cars first (GPA was there with a booth..I just for some reason decided to only photograph the cars..for dog photos see Harvey and Jackson's blog!)

Then the Park kids visited for the weekend. Even though having them doubles my pack..i don't really notice. They are pretty at home they blend in... are seeing correctly..Stanley is actually doing this..
And now we are watching Smokey for Lin..he is so cute and sweet. We grilled T-bone steaks the other night..which means..
What is it, Smokey?

What could you possibly all be lined up for so tentatively?
They sure are being polite for something.. guessed it. Bone licking time!Don't worry..they all got morsels and even got to lick the bone a little. Rotten...


gyeong said...

A T-Bone really perks up their ears. I guess if I want nice ear shots of my kids, I'll have to dangle a big juicy steak in front of them.

IHateToast said...

you get that slr and you take gyeong down!

those were awesome yoda ear shots.

my dogs don't beg. they lie and wait. it's the cats. greedy felines.

greytblackdog said...

I too have to commend you on the ear shots! Awesome.

Sometimes I find that my iPhone takes better photos than my digital camera. I too dream of the day I have an SLR, but even with an awesome camera I couldn't beat gyeong's photos.